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There is a standard saying that no venture, no gain, which we don't make significant progress unless and until we start moving and obtain our hands dirty.

The latter of which forms the idea of the previous and it's the previous which takes us to a subsequent level. While passively acquiring knowledge and skills fills up our inventories, we don't master what we learn until we actually get to use and practice it, since it's through us that we gain familiarity with our newly acquired skills, let it muscle or mental memory.

I have also said before that I prefer doing extensive preparation which greatly facilitates the method of getting conversant in the unknown which of putting new skills into practice, but I do admit that there's no progress including fruition within the mastering of one’s skills without actual hands-on practice, and it all counts for small unless and until we start using what we've learned and gone to grips with it.

Another common saying which has relevancy here is ‘getting your hands dirty, which clearly indicates one’s got to start making progress by getting going with the task that one has feared and procrastinated on for therefore long. to place it like this, ‘there is not any progress made until one gets one’s hands dirty, which may be a common way of claiming that each one the abstract theorizing, studying and preliminary planning are only as useful as one’s execution of one’s ideas and plans, without which it's all just fanciful thinking which has no use whatsoever.

I have recently encountered another experience which can be termed as ‘getting my hands clean’, which refers to my embarrassing experiences within the kitchen cooking for myself. I'm no fan of cooking, albeit I roll in the hay regularly to stay myself alive, but altogether honesty I only cook once I absolutely need to (i.e. once I get to the purpose of starvation where if I don't eat I’ll die), and that I sometimes go a couple of days without eating just because I can't be bothered to cook. Cooking on behalf of me maybe a tedious activity with all types of complicated steps, and dragging myself to cook while ravenous is tortuous since my physical and psychic energy levels are at a trough.

Nonetheless, a method that I even have found useful in motivating myself to cook, aside from the temptation to eat which I can apply to myself by watching cooking/food videos online, is to ‘get my hands clean’ i.e. clean my stove in preparation for my cooking. it's common practice to wash our kitchenware before we start cooking, and that I actually don't mind cleaning and washing nearly the maximum amount as I loathe cooking, since, although tedious, I do just like the sensation of getting a clean kitchen where things are all dry and glossy, which provides me an honest sense of satisfaction.

Once everything is prepared for cooking, I usually find myself in a state of ‘flow’ where I can get on with it without an excessive amount of fuss. The key to getting started, therefore, very similar to starting a car, is to seek out the right ignition, which, within the case of my cooking, requires me to ‘get my hands clean’ which, paradoxically, helps to ‘get my hands dirty'. Nice one.

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